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Shrooms Direct boasts an array of edible sweets for sale, with numerous options infused with either THC or CBD. These candies can be consumed in various forms: mints, lozenges, gums and good old-fashioned gummies. Among the brands available are Apollo weed edibles candy, Dames and Sugar Jacks – each offering different concentrations of THC (the psychoactive compound that gets you high) or CBD (the non-psychoactive one that doesn’t). Prices start at just $5 per serving and go up to around $30 – depending on strength. 

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Cannabis Candy

Apollo Edibles 3000mg

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Cannabis Candy

Apollo Edibles 2000mg

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Cannabis Candy

Apollo Edibles 1000mg

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Cannabis Candy

Boost THC Edibles 150mg

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Cannabis Candy

Sugar Jacks CBD 300mg

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Cannabis Candy

Dames THC Gummies 200mg

(18) $20.00

Cannabis Candy

Rosin Cubes – 250mg

(1) $20.00
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Seeking tasty treats with a cannabis kick in Canada? Look no further than Shrooms Direct! Our online platform lets customers discreetly purchase an extensive range of cannabis candy – all delivered securely right to their doorsteps while following all applicable legal regulations. Anyone wanting quick access shouldn't worry; The site has got you covered too, thanks to its user-friendly interface where choosing couldn't be easier. Plus, there are even detailed descriptions available alongside every product, ensuring buyers make informed decisions based purely upon individual tastes & requirements.

Effects of Edibles Candy

Shrooms Direct offers edibles candy, a type of weed candy known for its slow and lasting effects. Consuming the psychoactive compound THC causes interaction between it and the endocannabinoid systems in the human body. As a result, an individual may feel relaxed, experience a sense of high wellbeing, as well as have a distorted sense concerning the passing of time or surrounding spaces. Multiple factors determine how potent and long these impacts last, such as THC concentration, overall dosing levels and specific strains used in production. Experts stress that it's crucial to begin with small amounts when first trying any particular kind of edible, so people can get used to adjusting the dosage accordingly over time.

Key Factors that Impact the Effects of Edibles:

  • THC Concentration: The potency of candy edibles is heavily influenced by their levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the psychoactive component found in cannabis plants. Generally, those with higher THC concentrations offer more potent and enduring sensations.
  • Serving Size: The quantity of an edible ingested is a crucial determinant when it comes to gauging its effects. Starting off with smaller doses before gradually increasing intake is advised.
  • Characteristics of the Strain Used: Chemical compositions tend to differ across various strains available for culinary purposes; they contribute towards creating dissimilarities in resultant experiences induced by these consumables. Being aware about which particular variety went into making your chosen treat can help anticipate and manage expected impacts better.

Approach with Caution

When it comes to cannabis candy, it's crucial to take a cautious approach due to their delayed effects. Unlike smoking or vaping – which provide almost immediate results – these products require more time before any noticeable changes occur. As such, experts advise patience; rushing into redosing isn't recommended since it might take quite some period for the full impact to be felt.

Consume Wisely

If you're interested in trying out this kind of cannabis-infused product, Shrooms Direct suggests getting educated first: familiarize yourself with various items' features (such as expected onset duration or suggested dosages) and use that knowledge wisely when making decisions about what/how much to purchase - ultimately ensuring both enjoyment and safety. The impacts of cannabis-infused candies go far beyond their delayed effects as they encompass a range affected by factors such as THC levels, quantities used, and specific strains employed. In advocating mindfulness and education, it’s advised for consumers to exercise caution by commencing with minimal doses before gradually increasing them. This approach guarantees better regulation and customized encounters with enduring edible candy.

How long the effect lasts

THC and CBD candies stand out among various cannabis products due to their enduring effects. This prolonged impact is attributed to how slowly these edible weed candies are metabolized and absorbed by the body. It's worth noting, however, that such candies don't retain their potency indefinitely. As time passes, THC content begins degrading; consequently reducing both overall strength & efficacy levels too. To preserve intended potencies along with flavors when storing THC/CBD-infused sweets properly becomes paramount: adhere closely enough unto any recommended guidelines provided on packaging materials!  The long-lasting qualities of THC and CBD candies add an interesting twist to consuming cannabis. These treats offer a sustained high, but their potency is only optimal for a limited period. To make the most of your edible stash and guarantee consistent results, it's important to know how to store these sweets correctly.

How to use Edibles Candy

To ensure a safe experience with Shrooms Direct's edible candies, it is strongly suggested that individuals adopt a responsible and cautious attitude toward consumption. The effects of cannabis candies typically take longer to kick in than other delivery methods; thus, patience and prudence are advised for potential users. A key recommendation is to begin with small dosages and increase incrementally - this enables adjustment to each THC candy distinctive impact while minimizing the chances of any adverse reactions. The manner in which one chooses to consume these products may vary depending on personal preference: some might opt for 'microdosing' (i. e., consuming minimal amounts at intervals spaced apart), whereas others could prefer taking a single somewhat larger dose all at once. However, it is important not to underestimate their potency solely because they take time before noticeable results appear. This delayed onset can sometimes lead people into mistakenly believing that such items are weak when actually they aren't - so please be aware! Responsible use involves knowing your own tolerance levels as well as waiting patiently until desired effects do arise. The effects of candy weed can vary greatly from person to person, and there are several factors that contribute to this discrepancy. Metabolism, body weight, and prior exposure to cannabis all play a role in shaping an individual's response to these products. Shrooms Direct acknowledges these differences and advises its clients to exercise prudence when ingesting edibles; by doing so, they can create a more tailored and predictable experience for themselves.


Shrooms Direct's selection of edibles candies encompasses a variety of flavors, offering options to suit different tastes. From Apollo Edibles to Dames and Sugar Jacks, the catalog includes an array of choices such as fruity, sweet, or neutral CBD-infused options. The diverse flavor profiles cater to a broad audience, providing alternatives for those with specific preferences in taste. Customers can explore the range to find flavors that align with their preferences and make their selection accordingly.